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​​​4 Simple Tricks to make Popular YouTube Marketing Videos | Moviixx

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Online marketing is an ever changing platform. It’s a never ending race that has constantly changing hurdles. So, if you want to stay ahead of the game you need to invest in YouTube marketing videos.

A YouTube sales video is your latest power up to beat your opponents and drive traffic towards your website. Here are a few tricks that will help you create a profit generating explainer video.

1. Use an Outsourcing Service:

You need an explainer video that is catchy and grabs attention from the start. Normal YouTube marketing videos don’t do that. Animated videos are the in thing. People are easily attracted to animation and usually respond positively to them.

Hiring a professional video making service will be your best bet. It will save you the time that you can now utilize in running your business. Leave the advertisement to the professionals.

2. Break the ice with a little comedy:

No internet viewer wants to waste his/her time watching boring YouTube videos. A little sophisticated humor can go a long way in making your video viral. So, break the tension and set your viewers at ease from the very start.

3. Back Link is a Must:

Without a back link YouTube Marketing Videos are a waste. Internet surfers are impatient. They want everything served up in a platter otherwise the simply bolt. So providing a back link in the description is mandatory if you want to benefit from your video.

4. Recognize Your Audience:

A generalized YouTube Marketing video is simply a bust. Unless you recognize and direct your message to your potential audience you video will not make any difference in the world. So, take some time and create a story that will benefit your viewers. This will guarantee you are directed traffic that you can easily profit from.

With these little tricks you can easily create many YouTube Marketing videos that will benefit your business in the long run.​

   Over a month ago

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need An Explainer Video

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The rules of website promotion, getting high traffic to your site, and achieving high page rankings have changed drastically in the past two years. People no longer have the time or patience to read pages of text. Apart from that, website social websites are nowadays playing a huge role in promoting websites. This is known as SMO or Social Media
Optimization. An explainer video helps you achieve this and much more, find out more.

They have no time:

People nowadays have hardly any time to waste while searching for information about products or services on the net. They will not wait more than a few seconds on a particular website if they do not find detailed information in the first few lines of the sites they visit. This task is impossible to achieve through text. This is where a short explainer video of 30-90 seconds duration plays a huge part in attracting their attention, thereby getting more potential clients for you.

Have you ever tried explaining a product through text?

Try explaining your product or services in details via the traditional means. It will require lots of text and relevant images. Nobody will read such voluminous text. Compare this with a short duration explainer video. It provides you with the opportunity to show off your product in details. If the explainer video begins with a catchy intro, you can rest assured that the viewer will see it in its entirety.

Cost versus ROI

While you can get a text ad written cheaply through article writers, they hardly have the capability to convert readers into clients. An explainer video, on the other hand, is costlier than text ads. However, it is not so costly that it will burn a hole in your pocket. If you calculate the return on investment, you will find that explainer videos prove cheaper in the long run by converting more viewers to clients as opposed to text ads. In fact, you can easily recover the cost of the video creation in a week or so.

Social media factor:

If you frequently visit social media networks like Facebook, you might have noticed several videos embedded on the right hand column. The majority of such videos are explainer videos. If the icon is interesting enough, you can be sure that potential clients will view it. Since the video is embedded on the social network site, the person viewing it does not have to leave the page he is browsing.

Animated cartoons with comical voices:

It is possible to get an explainer video made using cartoons or even through an actual demonstration. Can you imagine the effect this will have on your client when he can see your salesman explaining the details of the products or services you are promoting from the comfort of his room, without compromising on privacy by letting in a salesman inside the house?

All the above factors put together, plus many more, ensure that explainer videos are the best way to promote your products and ensure that you get a huge number of clients.

   Over a month ago